Electronic mark

RUE “Belblankavyd Printing House”- is the operator of the state information system for labeling goods” Electronic Mark “. This digital code helps to track the product all the way: from the manufacturer to the simple buyer. We keep our traditions, but always follow the latest trends.

To date, both identification means and Unified Control (identification) Mark (UCM) have been introduced on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

The GS1 DataMatrix bar code is used to mark products by means of identification, which contains basic information about the product itself (weight, expiration date, date of manufacture, etc.).

General business process for product labeling:

Filling the catalog goods (adding GTIN into the system)

Order codes markings

Product labeling


If desired, you can withdraw from circulation using the software cash desk.

Mobile app
"Electronic Mark. Business"

The mobile application was developed for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses who purchase labeled goods in the markets of the Russian Federation for import and circulation in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Mobile app features:

to put into circulation in the Republic of Belarus tires, shoes and certain light industry goods with applied means of identification of the Russian sample

finding goods during scanning by mobile applications with the identification of those identified among the group of goods

view product characteristics and statuses of means of identification

The application allows you to work with marked goods on your smartphone, without using your personal account

Мобильное приложение «Электронный знак.»

Mobile app
"Electronic Mark"

With DataMatrix digital marking code the customer can verify product authenticity on the Electronic Mark app and learn its manufacturer, contents, shelf life and manufacture date.

With our app you can be sure about authenticity and quality of a marked product.

You can report any fault found out through the app, and we will hand it over to the respective regulatory body relevant to the fault nature. The body, in its turn, shall investigate the report and inspect the vendor in fault.

Mobile app features:


Scan labelled goods to verify their authenticity


Review the product data retrieved from the marking system


Save your favourite products in the app history to return to them later


Report every fault to the system