Electronic Сheck

RUE “Belblankavyd Printing House” – is the developer and the only state-certified operator of the software cash register system. Software cash register “Electronic Check” is a specialized software that performs all the functions of a cash register, while it does not contain any additional physical media.

Advantages of the software checkout:

There are no additional physical media;
all information is guaranteed automatically in the online mode into the cash register control system;

No hidden payments.
One payment to the Operator - 12BYN with VAT per month;

It is possible to issue a check to the buyer in electronic form, save the check tape, send checks to e-mail. e-mail, in messenger or via Bluetooth;

Access to the Owner's personal account as an auxiliary tool for business management, where all statistics and analytics for cash registers are available;


Only through our software cash register is the withdrawal of marked goods from circulation, when selling marked goods, the data from the "Electronic Check" are automatically entered into the SIS "Electronic Mark";

Integration with various accounting systems, delivery systems, restaurant services and much more.


In the showroom, they will help you decide on a technical solution when connecting, fill out the documents correctly, provide all the necessary information for submitting documents, and teach you how to work in your personal account.
Our address: Minsk, st. Knorina, 17, BC "Depart"

In our showroom, we presented all types of equipment on which you can install the software cash register "Electronic check" and not only.

You will be able to get acquainted with additional useful features: send a check electronically to your smartphone, add an advertisement to the check that can be displayed when printed, and be able to remove the marked goods from circulation on your own.

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